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PressOne is a sim-card less phone number for entrepreneurs. It works like a normal phone number that can be reached from anywhere in the world, with or without the internet. But PressOne has additional benefits for entrepreneurs.

* This service is currently available only in Nigeria.

Better Sales Process

All calls are automatically recorded. You can listen to calls made by your staff, and improve how your people talk to customers, and make sales.

Never miss an Opportunity

Even when your phone is switched off, PressOne numbers are still reachable. Easy to follow-up when your phone comes back on.

Unlimited Call History

Unlimited call history and recordings, safely stored online, and easily recovered when you lose your phone or setup on a new phone.

Multiple Receivers

The same PressOne number can be setup on multiple phones. Each receiver can ring, one after the other, or at the same time, depending.

Safeguard Customer

Before now, your staff may call customers with their phone number, giving customers direct access to your staff. PressOne prevents this.

Multiple Businesses

You no longer need to carry multiple phones for the different businesses you run. With PressOne, you can have 5 numbers on one phone.

How PressOne Works Exactly

An Intelligent Phone number that does more than calls and text. Built for entrepreneurs. 

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Add your business information and get verified through the app.

Purchase Number

Buy your number. Nothing complicated. Pay with card or bank.

Start Receiving Calls

Enjoy the benefits of an intelligent phone number.

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One simple subscription package
1,399 Per Month
  • * Price may change when we launch publicly.

Have Questions? Look Here.

We have listed some of the questions we frequently receive. If you have some other question, do feel free to use the form below.

No, it isn’t. When you call with PressOne, the person you are are calling does not need to have PressOne, or even have internet access. 

Your monthly subscription comes with call units, which you can always top up when exhausted.

No, you don’t need internet to receive calls on PressOne. But you need internet to make calls. Why do you need internet to make calls? Because your PressOne number is a sim card-less number. It needs to be connected to something to call out.

Absolutely, since it is a sim-free number, you can setup PressOne to be used by yourself and your staff. You no longer need to have a dedicated phone device at the office or with one staff.

Also, everyone can call customers from wherever they are, and the customer sees just your number.

We will keep your number for 3 months. You will still be able to receive calls

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